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Bumblebee nestled in with purple crinum lily bulbs

Bumblebee on Lily BulbView All Sizes

Vehicle Ferry between Bari Italy and Corfu, Greece

Vehicle Ferry near Corfu, GreeceView All Sizes

Shell House on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Shell House on Isla MujeresView All Sizes

Kanealole Stream

Kanealole Stream, at the TrailheadView All Sizes

About Daily Venture is a travel journal featuring free desktop wallpapers and high-resolution travel photography. The photographic originals on this site are available FREE for personal and commercial usage, provided credit is given to Daily Venture.

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Most photographs are formatted as wallpapers in common desktop screen resolutions up to 3200 pixels wide. You can also also specify custom photo dimensions and have a unique size made.

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The photographs on this site might be especially useful to visual media professionals like graphic designers and web developers, or anyone who needs some quick photos for a project.

Kanoa at Griffith Park

In Griffith ParkView All Sizes

Travel Photography

The images you see are snapshots of our travel adventures navigating cities, hiking the wilderness, on foot, by boat or bicycle, or in the sky.

The Making of Daily Venture

This website was built from scratch and describes my daily ventures out in the world, including my best photographs selected for broad usability. Read more about the making of Daily Venture.

The Daily Venture Logo

Although simple and fanciful, the Daily Venture logo depicts one of my favorite places in the world. The green mountain is Mt. Ka'ala on O'ahu, as seen from the ocean just outside the reef at Mokuleia. The closest photo on this site would be this view from the beach.

At certain times of the year the sun sets in a spectacular way just off Ka'ena Point.

Daily Venture's sister site Nightly Venture features the same view as seen at night, signifying clear starry skies and lucid dreams.

The Guy Behind the Camera

My name is Kanoa. Besides an amateur photographer I am also a professional artist, graphic designer, Flash animator, and web developer. My writing is spread out among various sites like my personal website, Nightly Venture, exervive, and of course Daily Venture.

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Site #12 at Ellery Creek Campground had the best view of both the lush surrounding forest and the broad panorama of the McCloud River and valley. It was also nice and shady, yet allowed some sun in for the solar panel.

Ellery Creek Campground

Mendenhall Valley, Auke Bay, Stephens Passage and Mansfield Peninsula

Mendenhall Valley

The Korean Bell of Friendship inside the Belfry.

Korean Bell of Friendship

Girls on a Rock

Castle Lake

Smithsonian Castle, National Mall, Washington D.C.

Smithsonian Castle

Green mountains and glacier near Valdez, Alaska

Mountains near Valdez

Lens shift, 2-second exposure, time-lapse imaging, SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii


Manhattan, East River, Long Island from the Empire State Building