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The Patio of my Sister’s Casa in Sayulita
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My Sister’s Casa in Sayulita

The town square, or Zocalo, of Sayulita

Journal Entry

Driving from Portland to Sayulita

November 20, 2009

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My Sister’s Casa in Sayulita

A view from the palapa of the vacation rental we were staying at in Sayulita for my sister’s wedding. Since her house is right next door I had this lovely view of her patio and the whole house. She spent alot of time designing, building and decorating this house, even selecting lots of Hawaiian plants and trees for the landscape. In this view I can see sweet Hawaiian papaya trees, Manila palms, ginger plants, monstera philodendrons, bamboo and a banyan tree.

Keywords : Sayulita, casa, house, garden, jardin, patio, palapa, plants, trees

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