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A panorama of the eastern half of San Fernando Valley, from Mulholland Drive
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Panoramic San Fernando Valley

Motorcyclists on an epic curve between Seminole Hot Springs and Kanan Road.

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Motorcycling Mulholland Drive & Highway

March 25, 2011

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Los Angeles > California > United States


Panoramic San Fernando Valley

A panorama of the eastern half of San Fernando Valley from Mulholland Drive. On the left is Van Nuys and Valley Glen, with the 170 freeway snaking off towards San Fernando. In the foreground is Universal City, with Burbank in the background. On the far right you can see the northern edge of Griffith Park. Note the snow-capped Gabriel Mountains after a week of rain in the valley and snow in the mountains.

Keywords : Panorama, Panoramic, San Fernando Valley, Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, Burbank, Universal City, Van Nuys, Valley Glen, San Gabriel Mountains, sky, freeways

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