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Fishing for Silver Salmon in Valdez, Alaska

Fishing for Silver Salmon

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Diecui Road and Yangshuo Park from New West Street

Diecui Road and Yangshuo Park from New West Street

Insanity, ride, the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

Insanity the Ride

The Denver Glacier Trailhead next to the tracks.

Denver Glacier Trailhead

World War II Memorial, National Mall, Washington D.C.

WWII Memorial

Statue of Neptune, Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy

Boboli Gardens

Cowpie Rock is a vast, smooth, rock formation kind of like a big playground for hikers and climbers. As its name implies, it resembles a gigantic cowpie baking in the sun.

Cowpie Rock

Jiuzhaigou Valley Primeval Forest_Young Bird

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Each day a short jaunt down the river from my camp site was rewarded with a crystal-clear and refreshing swim in the McCloud River. Sometimes I bathed, sometimes dived into the rapids from the rocks, and one time even gave the dog a bath in the cool water.

McCloud River