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The sheer granite façade of El Capitan dominates the western end of the valley. It’s a magnificent sight from the valley floor.

El Capitan

Li River and Karst Mountains, Yangshuo

Li River and Karst Mountains

Chugach Mountains Panorama from Richardson Highway near Thompson Pass

Chugach Mountains Panorama

Roman Baths, Bath, UK

Roman Baths

Monterey Coast from 17-Mile Drive

Monterey Coast

Heavily Decorated Desert Cemetery

Desert Cemetery

U.S. Capitol, near First Ave, Washington D.C.

U.S. Capitol

Bath Abbey, Bath, UK

Bath Abbey

Camp sites and facilities at Hodgdon Meadow. The sites were fairly close together and lacked privacy. The forest area was a tad on the boring side but the namesake Hodgdon Meadow is a short walk away. This campground has the distinction of being open all year while the choice locations are only open during Summer.

Hodgdon Meadow Camp

Travel Town Railroad Museum at the foot of Griffith Park.

Travel Town