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Ruins of Stonehenge, near Bath, UK

Stonehenge, near BathView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 4, 2002

Ancient Ruins of Stonehenge

Wessex > United Kingdom

Series Ancient Ruins of Stonehenge

On our way to Bath we visited briefly with Stonehenge, who sat stoically while we gawked and snapped photos. The impression that the stones are standing guard is strong, as if these are the skeletal remains of a more guardable structure. Perhaps during a siege it was burned to the ground, and only the bones remain to lie in a meadow for thousands of years.

Ruins of Stonehenge, near Bath, UK

Ancient Rocks

Massive Mystery

These huge, ancient rough-hewn stones are placed into a curiously intelligent pattern sitting out in a vast empty meadow. Beyond the monument's scientific foundations, the grave presence of these stones alone is enough to dominate man's curiosity.

City of Bath, UK

City of Bath

Be sure to check out the Roman Baths and Bath Abbey in the city of....Bath!


Ruins of Stonehenge, near Bath, UK

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Ancient Ruins of Stonehenge

May 4, 2002

Wessex > United Kingdom

Tags   Walkabout · Architecture

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