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Forum of Rome, Italy

Panoramic Photo of the Old Roman ForumView All Sizes

Arch of Septimius Severus, near the Entrance of the Forum, Rome, Italy

Arch of Septimius SeverusView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 26, 2002

Ancient Ruins of the Forum

Rome > Italy

Series Ancient Ruins of the Forum
The Arch of Titus, near one end of the old Forum, Rome

Arch of Titus

The Forum of Rome is a strange landscape of dead buildings, like the massive skeletons of extinct dinosaurs. Both an outdoor museum and graveyard. In the deathly still that isolates the Forum from the rest of the city a visitor might often attempt to reconstruct the appearance and grandeur of this once-bustling heart of democracy, empire and turmoil.

Even unaware of its epic history the Forum of Rome has a silent majesty that permeates the consciousness. From this central command a mighty empire was governed. The noble concept of democratic government was fostered amidst soaring pillars of marble. Through these ruined avenues strolled kings and emperors, luminaries and literati, and finally — you and I.

Forum of Rome, Italy

A Building in the ForumView All Sizes

Modern Rome

Although the Forum is a land of ruins, the modern city of Rome is a thriving metropolis of rich culture built on centuries of destruction and rebirth.

In the Vicinity

Within walking distance of the Forum are other other cool spots like the Coliseum and the Capitol and the Spanish Steps, and over the Tiber is St. Peter's Basilica where you can see panoramic views of Rome. Ciao!

The Forum of Rome

Forum of Rome, Italy

About this day

Ancient Ruins of the Forum

May 26, 2002

Rome > Italy

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Forum of Rome, Italy

View of the Forum and Capitol of RomeView All Sizes

Forum of Rome, Italy

The Old Roman ForumView All Sizes

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