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Tuscan Countryside outside Florence, Italy

Tuscan CountrysideView All Sizes

Tuscan Countryside Outside of Florence, Italy

Liz in the Tuscan Countryside near FlorenceView All Sizes

JOURNAL : June 21, 2002

Bicycling the Tuscan Countryside

Florence > Italy

Series Bicycling the Tuscan Countryside

On this day we rented two bicycles and headed out of Florence into the Tuscan countryside. On the way we passed Santa Maria Novella and crossed Ponte Santa Trinita, where we got a great view of Ponte Vecchio. On the return leg we crossed at Ponte Vecchio and got a few shots of further downstream.

Pitti Palace in Florence, Italy

Pitti Palace

Passing one edge of Pitti Palace, we took Via Romana through Porta Romana.

This was a hot Summer day and we sweated up and down some mild hills. The picturesque Tuscan countryside seems unchanged from Medieval times. Buildings that look like castles and monasteries sit around and still own the place. Eventually we biked through the grounds of some church or monastery perched on a hill and relaxed in the shade for awhile.

The Arno River in Florence, taken from the Ponte Vecchio

Arno River from Ponte Vecchio, FlorenceView All Sizes

Timely Produce Stand

We ran out of water and continued on down the road looking for a local market. The landscape was very beautiful, but biking in the hot sun was drying us out. Around a corner a produce stand popped up! We gorged two watermelons, some fruit, ice cream and several Cokes. We also got loaded up on water bottles for the return trip. La dolce vita!

Ponte Vecchio and Arno River from Ponte Santa Trinita, Florence, Italy

Ponte Vecchio from Ponte Santa Trinita, FlorenceView All Sizes

Flowers, House in Florence, Italy

Flowers in FlorenceView All Sizes

Santa Maria Novella, Florence, Italy

Santa Maria NovellaView All Sizes

On the way back we passed this lovely house with the flowers out front. Local soccer teams were playing a game in the park across the street. We relaxed in the shade again. Did I tell you it was hot? We drank alot of water. A camelback is a good idea. If you freeze it overnight you have cold water all day, but watch for condensation down your back.

Bicycling in Tuscany

After travelling alot on trains, cars and boats, bicycling in Tuscany was one of the highlights of our trek through Italy. The weather is expected to be hot in Summer, but shade and refreshment is always available for the savvy cyclist. Having come from busy Milan a few days before, the more tranquil and scenic Florence was a welcome experience.

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From Our Hotel Room, the Cliffs of Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Onward to Rome and Beyond

After a few days in Florence we took a train south through the countryside and ran right into Rome. When we'd had enough we continued south to Naples, Sorrento and the island of Capri.

Tuscan Countryside outside Florence, Italy

Tuscan CountrysideView All Sizes

Across the Arno River, Florence, Italy

Across the Arno, FlorenceView All Sizes

Flowers, House in Florence, Italy

About this day

Bicycling the Tuscan Countryside

June 21, 2002

Florence > Italy

Tags   Bicycling · Cities · Country · Architecture

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