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Palace of Monaco, Marinas and Harbor Area of Monte Carlo

Palace of MonacoView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 19, 2002

Driving thru Scenic Monte Carlo


Series Driving thru Scenic Monte Carlo

We came upon the Principaute de Monaco quite suddenly while traveling through the lovely French Côte d'Azur. The city is jammed-packed into an area about the size of a can of tuna. I didn't get to see much as I drove through the tight curvy streets trying to avoid hitting expensive luxury automobiles. Whup! There's the palace and the waterfront. Whoa! Look out for that Lamborghini!

Looking West toward Monte Carlo and the Palace, Monaco

Waterfront, Hotel DistrictView All Sizes

View of Monte Carlo, Monaco

View of Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco was not our destination, and we were only passing through. Our fleeting impression was of a dense country that could be seen all at once, with the naked eye.

Monaco is some place I might come back to visit with more time and money to burn. It'd be fun to walk through the streets and people-watch.

Monte Carlo

Palace of Monaco, Marinas and Harbor Area of Monte Carlo

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Driving thru Scenic Monte Carlo

May 19, 2002


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