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Marina Piccola, Capri Island, Italy

Liz at Marina Piccola

JOURNAL : June 18, 2002

Exploring Capri Island

Capri > Italy

Series Exploring Capri Island

In Sorrento we boarded a ferry to Capri, a small island of high cliff faces off Campanella Point.

Marina Grande

After docking we wandered around town before heading over to the main beach on this side of the island. It was crowded with families so we climbed out onto a stone jetty and swam around in the aquamarine.

Cliffs of Sorrento from the Ferry from Naples, Italy


We opted to check out Marina Piccola and its beach on the other side of the island. This required boarding a speedy bus for a roller coaster ride up steep curving streets. Up one side and down the other. The bus drivers expertly handled the bulky buses around tight turns while narrowly avoiding oncoming traffic.

Marina Piccola

The beach was tiny and cramped around two large boulders. The sprinkle of beach was nearing its occupancy limit. The water was clear but we found some trash here and there. Since it is a marina, there were boats anchored around. We rented some snorkel gear and tooled around in the water.

High above us, birds circled against the soaring cliffs.

Marina Piccola, Capri Island, Italy

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Exploring Capri Island

June 18, 2002

Capri > Italy

Tags   Swimming · Islands · Ocean

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