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Downtown Seattle

Downtown SeattleView All Sizes

JOURNAL : September 19, 2009

Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton

Seattle > Washington > United States


After attending a convention in Seattle and having nothing better to do than to explore the Olympic Peninsula, I decided to hail a vehicle ferry bound for Bremerton.

Turned out to be a great way to see the city. And being single at this time, to converse with a cute girl on the ride over.

Girl on the Ferry

A cute girl I chatted with

Relief Mural of Puget Sound on the vehicle ferry from Seattle to Bremerton.

Relief Mural of Puget SoundView All Sizes

Sailboat in Puget Sound

Sailboat in Puget SoundView All Sizes

Seattle the Crossroads

In times past my family and I have sailed this same route, traversing Puget Sound or the Straits of Juan De Fuca from one destination to another. Nearly one year after this ferry ride my family and I would embark from Seattle on a cruise through Alaska's Inside Passage.

At other times we merely passed through Seattle heading to or from British Columbia. Or once, on a long drive out from Massachusetts on Interstate 90, Seattle was the point at which I turned south onto the 5. It was also where I picked up a big box of red delicious apples for the journey.

And finally, it seems like close family and friends have always lived in the area. My uncle was killed in this city under unfortunate circumstances. Life goes on and we remember him.

Ferry about to load vehicles in Seattle.

About to load up...View All Sizes

A seagull gliding above the ship

A seagull gliding above the shipView All Sizes

Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge IslandView All Sizes

I'd Rather be Sailing

Besides providing smooth transportation to destinations that might have otherwise required many hours of driving, the ferry briefly disentangles man and vehicle from the complex maze of streets and buildings and floats them out onto the water for an abstracted view of bustling civilization.

Vehicle ferries have also taken us between European countries.

Riding a vehicle ferry isn't as serene as cruising on a sailboat, but the view is about the same. However, sailing is a more intimate experience more intent on being here than getting there.

The Space Needle

The Space NeedleView All Sizes

The Space Needle

On the way out are splendid views of downtown and the Space Needle. Then the city receded to fine detail and our attention was drawn to the approaching islands and Olympia Peninsula. Our vehicles were discharged onto the Olympia Peninsula and off I went!

Bremerton, then... Mexico?

On the way in to Bremerton we passed scenic Bainbridge Island. The ferry finally docked near the Bremerton shipyards. Within a few weeks I would be driving down south to Sayulita, Mexico for my sister's wedding over 2500 miles away, with my dad and younger sister as passengers.

The Bremerton Shipyards

Bremerton ShipyardsView All Sizes

Downtown Seattle

About this day

Ferry from Seattle to Bremerton

September 19, 2009

Seattle > Washington > United States

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Seattle to Bremerton

Freshwater Mussels, most likely Elliptio, found in vast numbers in the Willamette River.

Freshwater Mussels

Lake Sonoma Reservoir and Bridge

Lake Sonoma

Ruins of Stonehenge, near Bath, UK


Situated next to the Smith River and within the lush green forest, this campground has a half-dozen lovely (and free) sites.

Smith River Campground

The restrooms in front of the trailheads for the Kanealole and Maunalaha trails.

Makiki Valley Trails

Jiuzhaigou Valley Shuzheng Lakes Waterfalls

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The Carretera in Sonora

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Packing Up Balloon Envelope

Hot Air balloon

Cowpie Rock is a vast, smooth, rock formation kind of like a big playground for hikers and climbers. As its name implies, it resembles a gigantic cowpie baking in the sun.

Cowpie Rock

Random Adventures!

Passing another train heading down, at around mile 13.

White Pass & Yukon Route

Jen on the Steps of the Pavilion housing the Korean Bell of Friendship

Korean Bell of Friendship

Entering Central Park from 6th Avenue, New York City

Entering from 6th Avenue