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JOURNAL : June 6, 2005

Glider Ride Above Mokuleia

Oahu > Hawaii > United States

Series Glider Ride Above Mokuleia

Okay, so we booked it down Mt. Ka'ala and down to Dillingham Airfield with just enough time to get the last glider ride. I've been up many times but this was Liz's first time in a glider. Mokuleia and Mt. Ka'ala are the stars of an exceptional view, and looking north Haleiwa and the North Shore are visible.

Looking South over Mt. Ka’ala

South to Waianae SideView All Sizes

That Place They Filmed Lost

In the photo of Dillingham Airfield below is the beach where they filmed the first scenes of Lost. Just over a sandy berm is Farrington highway and the civilian airfield nearby so it's remarkable they were able to maintain the aura of a remote island.

Looking over Mokuleia from the Glider

Dillingham AirfieldView All Sizes

Aerial view of Mokuleia, Waialua, Haleiwa and the North Shore from the Glider

Mokuleia, Waialua and HaleiwaView All Sizes

The Crystal Canyon hike is also just a half mile down the road towards Kaena Point.

Mokuleia is where I spent much of my life and it's always nice to see it from the air, even encapsulated by the glider's cockpit bubble. But it's much more fun to skydive over Mokuleia! In the photo to the left you can see the Mokuleia Polo Field, Crowbar Ranch and the Reservoir. The first gate into Dillingham airfiled is about a block down the road towards Kaena Point.

Peacock Flats and Mt. Ka’ala, Oahu, Hawaii

Peacock Flats and Mt. Ka’ala

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Looking over Mokuleia from the Glider

Looking over Mokuleia

Riding Thermals

Once we dropped the towplane's line we rode thermals for awhile and soaked up the view. The glider ride is very silent, similar to a balloon ride, except that the landing is usually smoother, even with a glider's single central wheel. As we drifted out towards Kaena Point we could see over the hump of Mt. Ka'ala most westerly ridgeline and down to the other side. In the distance is the Makua Military Reserve, Makaha and Waianae.

Looking over Mokuleia from the Glider

Dillingham Airfield

Beautiful Sunset from Mokuleia Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset from MokuleiaView All Sizes

A seagull gliding above the ship

Seagull over the Ferry

A doe grazing in Yosemite. She must’ve been acclimated to humans as she showed no fear at our presence.

Doe Grazing

Port Wells and College Fiord, with Barry Arm and Barry Glacier visible.

Port Wells

Old pier on Isla Contoy, Mexico

Isla Contoy

Unknown Caribbean Island from the Seaplane

Unknown Island

The Eastern End of Lake Arrowhead

Lake Arrowhead

A well-camouflaged rattlesnake on the Santa Margarita trail.


Franklin Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains

Santa Monica Mountains

Old lava fields are now Sugarcane Fields on Kauai

Old lava fields on Kaua’i

Random Adventures!

The Smith River Falls plunges a spectacular three feet. All along the road the river spreads into swimmable pools. This area is a great spot for a family picnic. Nearby are excellent campgrounds.

Smith River Falls