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Beautiful Waimea Bay and Beach on the North Shore of Oahu, with the rock in the foreground.

Beautiful Waimea Beach on the North Shore of OahuView All Sizes

Peacock in Waimea Falls Valley

Peacock, Waimea ValleyView All Sizes

Waimea River, Oahu

Waimea RiverView All Sizes

JOURNAL : February 7, 2008

Hiking Waimea Falls Park

Oahu > Hawaii > United States

Series Hiking Waimea Falls Park
Looking South over Mt. Ka’ala

Waianae Side

Waimea Falls Park is a popular island attraction due to its extensive botanical portfolio and features like cliff-diving, a sanctuary of rare birds and an authentic Hawaiian village. But the owner went backrupt and the city bought it up for $5 million and sought an operator. The Audubon Society submitted the winning proposal and began operating it in 2003. In 2008 operation of the Park was turned over to Hi'ipaka LLC which was created by the Office of Hawaiian Affairs in Honolulu.

Peacock Spread in the Hawaiian Village, Kauai, Hawaii

Peacock Spread

Proud Peacocks

Here, resident peacocks strut around like royalty. Everywhere you go there is some delicate beauty or vibrant tropical growth. Waimea Falls Park has managed to capture most of the exotic species of flora and fauna in the islands and present them in the same context. The wealth and botanical exuberance represents a unique microcosm of the Hawaiian Islands.

Waimea Falls, O’ahu

A Path through Waimea Falls Park

Working at Waimea?

Around February of that year an advertisement seeking a graphic designer and web developer was posted. Jennifer had worked there years before and suggested I send in my resume. Perhaps I could convince them to contract out their work to me, but I did not suggest it. After submitting all the appropriate documents I even went in and interviewed in a nice Hawaiian shirt but I think they wanted someone cheaper. Of course I didn't mind because it was an opportunity to return once again to this lovely valley and its abundant foliage.

These photos cannot begin to describe the vast array of plants in Waimea Valley. On another occassion we took numerous photos of exotic species while touring with the facility's botanical director, who was a friend of Jennifer's. Unfortunately the pocket camera had a smudged lens and the photos are not fit to be on Daily Venture. D'oh!

Waimea Falls at Waimea Falls Park, Oahu, Hawaii

Waimea FallsView All Sizes

A flower in Waimea Falls Park, Oahu

Flower, Waimea FallsView All Sizes

Monk Seal at Waimea Bay

Monk Seal at Waimea Bay

Classic Waimea Falls Photo

Everyone takes this shot right before they slip into the cool water. One of my neighbors used to be a cliff diver here but this attraction was phased out awhile back.

A Banyan Tree in Waimea Falls Valley, Oahu

Banyan TreeView All Sizes

Behind the waterfall are trails that lead up into Pupukea and the mountains beyond. Waimea River has carved this valley from many millennia of runoff from the northwestern segment of the Ko'olau Range. Lava rocks have tumbled into the riverbed and their coarse, porous edges smoothed away. As a kid my buddies and I would journey up Paalaa Uka Pupukea Road into the Ko'olau mountains then follow the Anahulu Stream back towards Haleiwa, poking around in the rocks for crawdads and eating guavas along the way.

Don't Forget Waimea Bay!

Going in an out of Waimea Falls Park you can't help but notice the beach and bay out front. It's the public front-end interface for the more reserved foliage beyond. Out on the point is one of the best rights in the world of surf, with waves up to 50 feet. Right off the beach is a thick shorebreak that lasts only a few seconds and breaks heavy, but it's a great ride too. Every visitor who enters the water must jump the rock at least once. The snorkeling all around the edges of the bay is excellent. You could probably snorkel to Hale'iwa or Kahuku. At some point in your interaction with the bay, you will find yourself relaxing on the beach.

If you have the chance, be sure to take a catamaran cruise out of Hale'iwa harbor. Agencies in town can hook you up, or just mosey on down amidst the boats and you'll find the Ho'o Nanea or other worthy vessel. Seeing the North Shore of O'ahu from the ocean is the way to go. For one thing, the traffic is much better...

Waimea Bay and Valley

Waimea Falls, Oahu

Waimea Falls and RiverView All Sizes

Full View of the Flavian Amphitheater, Rome, Italy

Coliseum of Rome

Portage Glacier and Lake

Portage Glacier

Mulholland and Seminole Hot Springs

Mulholland Highway

The Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Acropolis of Athens

Rear Lawn of the White House, Washington D.C.

The White House

The Lake at the End of Lúdí Yán

Cave Lake

This is the thing which created the reservoir called Shasta Lake. Before they put this thing in here there was a town called Kennett and lots of land occupied by the Winnemem Wintu indians. Shasta Dam generates a big wad of electricity for millions of people, helps irrigate vast tracts of land and provides flood control for the Sacramento River.

Shasta Dam

The Base of the Fallen Tree

Fall Tree Base

Jiuzhaigou Valley Bus Stop at Long Lake

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Random Adventures!

Hong Kong from the Peak

Hong Kong

two old brick houses in a concavity in the rock, near Sedona, Arizona : via Helicopter

Ancient Houses

Dexter Dam, built by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers

Dexter Dam

Upon entering Fern Dell it is immediately lush and tropical. The two walkways which flank the gentle stream and its many waterfalls.

Entering Fern Dell

Pacific Coast near Sayulita, Nayarit, Mexico

Coast near Sayulita

Towplane, Dillingham Airfield, Mokuleia, Oahu


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