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Initial Ascent up the Wildwood Canyon Trail

Initial AscentView All Sizes

Wildwood Canyon Park

JOURNAL : January 17, 2009

Hiking Wildwood Canyon Trails

Los Angeles > California > United States

Series Hiking Wildwood Canyon Trails

In the afternoon we headed up to Wildwood Canyon for a mellow hike into the Verdugo mountains. During a hot day Wildwood Canyon is shady and cool, but this evening we decided to take to the trails that rise above the canyon. It's a pleasant stroll, so we brought Windsong the German Shepherd dog.

Wildwood Canyon Entrance

Wildwood Canyon Entrance

Verdugo Mountains from the Wildwood Canyon Trail

Verdugo MountainsView All Sizes

Instant Gratification

To the left of the entrance is a trail that offers a quick elevation gain with immediate views of adjacent De Bell Golf Course and the city of Burbank beyond. As the trail climbs, the skyscrapers of downtown Los Angeles become visible in the distance.

On the right and nestled in the canyon near the road is a set of buildings labeled Burbank Police Department. We watched as an officer climbed up onto one of the buildings and fired at a target embedded in a mound of gravel. A police helicopter responded to the shots by circling the valley for a couple minutes.

Downtown Los Angeles from the Wildwood Canyon Trail

Downtown Los Angeles in the DistanceView All Sizes

Trail Conditions

The trail is slippery at times and shoes with good tread are recommended. Although not a particularly dangerous trail, my smooth worn sneakers made me concerned I could go sliding off the trail, especially on the jog down. To catch myself I grabbed one of the many rough-hewn handrails and got an inch-long splinter in my hand which speared two fingers together. Without my handy Swiss Army knife I had to rip that damn thing out!

Looking across East San Fernando Valley towards Glendale, Burbank and Los Angeles from Wildwood Canyon Trail. In the distance is Griffith Park, Studio City and Hollywood Hills.

Burbank and Los AngelesView All Sizes

The sun setting through a bush near the Wildwood Canyon Trail

Sun setting behind a bushView All Sizes

Sun setting over San Vincente Mountain

Sun setting over San VincenteView All Sizes

As the sun set over Hollywood, a warm glow spread over the land and gave the return trip a pleasant euphoria. Had we ascended earlier we would've crested the nearest peak. Instead we simply captured it on film and headed back, thoughts occupied with making chicken burritos at home. See, we've got that seasoned chicken we need to cook, and some salsa fresca. Avocados? Check! Queso? Si. Lechugo? Por supuesto. Oy, we need to grab some flour and corn tortillas...

Oh yeah. Check out Wildwood Canyon if you have a chance.

Liberty Glen Campground Amphitheater

Liberty Glen

Shops out on Homer Spit

Homer Spit Shops

The Pacific coast near Point Sur

Near Point Sur

Jiuzhaigou Valley Five Color Lake from Bridge

Jiuzhaigou Valley

A Wandering Moose Lodge near Soldotna

Wandering Moose Lodge

..and there she goes.

Balloon Ride

The Patio of my Sister’s Casa in Sayulita

Casa de Summer

The platform near the summit of Seneca Rocks, from the park below

Seneca Rocks Platform

Polo Players start up the second half of the game.

Polo Game, Mokuleia

Random Adventures!

The spacious interior of the Monterey Bay Aquarium with its concrete walls and ceilings full of pipes.

Entering the Splash Zone

We rented next door to my sister Summer’s house during the wedding in November 2009. This is my other sister Robin and cousin Alyssa on the Palapa

Robin & Alyssa

The majestic towering cliffs over Kalalau Beach, Kauai

Towering Cliffs

Jiuzhaigou Valley Flags on Road from Airport

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Auke Bay Harbor

Auke Bay Harbor