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View of Helms Bay and beach, Mokuleia, Oahu, Hawaii

View of Helms Bay, MokuleiaView All Sizes

JOURNAL : June 1, 2007

Hometown Mokuleia

Oahu > Hawaii > United States

Series Hometown Mokuleia

Mokuleia is where I grew up. It is still considered home to my family, even though we've moved around between Sunset Beach, Pupukea, Waimea Bay, Mexico and various places in California.

In 1979 we came to live on this property and my little sister Robin was born here at the end of that year.

Mokuleia Homestead

Mokuleia Homestead

View of Helms Bay and beach, Mokuleia, Oahu, Hawaii

Mokuleia Beach, east to North ShoreView All Sizes

A couple years later the island was devastated by Hurricane Iwa. Water and power were out for a week or so, and downed phone poles blocked Farrington Highway.

Tsunamis have gently washed the shores of Mokuleia once in a great while, and a brief solar eclipse blocked out the sun for a few minutes in ‘92 I think... but otherwise life is serene. We've got this reef on one side and Mt. Ka'ala on the other, so we're stuck in the middle with nice weather and fun stuff to do.

Bumblebee nestled in with purple crinum lily bulbs

Bumblebee on Lily BulbView All Sizes

Polo players thundering down the field during the game.

Polo Game, Mokuleia

It's Just Awesome

Here you can waste away many days sitting on the beach and playing in the water, take in a polo game on Sunday, or take a hike to Peacock Flats or Mt. Ka'ala. Right out front is excellent diving and fishing, and this area is kite surfer heaven. Right down the road is excellent four-wheeling and off-roading at Kaena Point, as well as skydiving, glider rides or powered airplane flights over the area. On a clear day at 10,000 feet you can see the other islands. Hale'iwa town is less than 10 minutes away, the airport about 45 mnutes, Honolulu an Waikiki just beyond. World-class surfing is everywhere, from Ka'ena Point to Kahuku Point. The sun is hot, the chicks are hot and the water is just right. I tell ya, it's a great place.

Looking over Mokuleia from the Glider

Dillingham AirfieldView All Sizes

Beautiful Sunset from Mokuleia Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset over Helms BayView All Sizes

Mokuleia can be considered the stretch of beach and land from Kaena Point to the western end of Waialua and up the slopes to Ka'ala mountain.

Dillingham Airfield

The airfield enables much auxiliary activity in the Mokuleia area. Skydiving above the North Shore is simply amazing. So is riding the thermals wafting up the slopes of Mt. Ka'ala in a glider. Behind the airfield is a wilderness often used for army training. Old World War II bunkers, foxholes, pillboxes, towers and guard posts and other aging installations are nestled in the dense haole koa trees or overgrown with vines.

Kaena Point

Kaena Point — the pointy tip of O’ahu

The Quarry

On the western end of the airstrip is the quarry from which the tarmac rock was excavated. It is now operating as an aquaculture facility by permission from the State of Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources. Years ago we used to jump into the quarry from a ledge 50 feet over the placid surface, then swim across the vast lake, taking rests on the floating fish cages strung from one end to the other. It always creeped me out to wonder how deep it was...


Anole lizard on a plumeria branch, Mokuleia, Oahu, Hawaii

Anole lizard on a plumeria branchView All Sizes

On the beach directly in front of the quarry is where the opening crash scenes of Lost were filmed.

Anole lizard, Mokuleia, Oahu, Hawaii, chameleon, puffing dewlap

Anole lizard, puffing his dewlapView All Sizes

View of Helms Bay and beach, Mokuleia, Oahu, Hawaii

Mokuleia Beach, west to Kaena PointView All Sizes

The Island's Best-Kept Secret

One of the best things about Mokuleia is that it is still very crowd-free, and that's how we like it. Growing up on in Sunset Beach, on any given Summer weekend a line of stopped or slowly moving cars stretched from Hale'iwa to V-land. Before they put in a parking lot at Sunset Beach it was the bottleneck spot as tourists got their first look at this world-famous beach and desperately sought a place to park.

In contrast, on any given weekend the beaches at Mokuleia are only sparsely occupied. And they're just as picture-perfect.

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Turtle in Mokuleia

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