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Lily Rock, Idyllwild, California

Lily Rock, IdyllwildView All Sizes

JOURNAL : April 25, 2003

Lily Rock above Idyllwild

Idyllwild > California > United States

Series Lily Rock above Idyllwild

Nestled in the San Jacinto Mountains northeast of San Diego and west of Palm Springs and Palm Desert, is a cozy wooded town called Idyllwild. Unlike most of Southern California, Idyllwild gets snow on its majestic peaks and the valley floor. Although popular as a summer vacation town, the subdued activity and lovely snow of winter make it a great cozy weekend retreat. Idyllwild is also a hiker and camper's haven, with many wonderful trails and spots to pitch a tent.

Cedar Creek in San Diego County, California

Cedar Creek

Well, all I've got is this one photo. I've been up there numerous times and mom's got a house up there, so I got no excuse for not having all sorts of cool shots. Other photography of Idyllwild is poorly exposed, negatives lost, or it's family photography. So we got this one shot of Lily Rock and that's it!

New Two Photo Minimum

Ok, I did find this one photo below my mom took of us on one of our visits to their house in Idyllwild. Two photos should be the minimum number to make a page on Daily Venture.

Liz & Kanoa at Mom’s in Idyllwild

Liz & Kanoa at Mom’s in IdyllwildView All Sizes

A View from the Hotel on Paleokastritsa Bay, Corfu, Greece

Paleokastritsa Bay

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Notre Dame Cathedral

Notre Dame

Dog Encounter on the Trail

Castle Lake

Limestone Speleothems in Reed Flute Cave