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St. George, Grenada

St. George, GrenadaView All Sizes

JOURNAL : June 10, 2003

Lush Island of Grenada

Grenada > Caribbean

Series Lush Island of Grenada

The cruise ship stopped into Grenada for a day so we opted for one of their organized shore expeditions.

Jettisoned to shore in a tender, we slipped into a couple of minibuses in St. George and sped up through the winding rain-slick streets into the heart of the island nation.

Tree overgrown with foliage in Grenada

Tree, GrenadaView All Sizes

Lizard in Grenada

Lizard in Grenada

Like Capri the streets were narrow and usually going uphill or downhill. Many near-misses were observed. While I stuck the camera out the window and took photos of passing scenery I also had to watch out for oncoming obstructions that might cut periously close to the side of the bus. Since most of those photos are blurry and unusable (except for abstract appreciation), the only one I got was this photo at top of St. George.

Ferns in Grenada

Ferns in Grenada

Nutmeg Seed, Grand Etang National Park, Grenada

Nutmeg Seed, Grand Etang

Crab, Grand Etang, Grenada

Crab, Grand Etang

Grenada is lush and wet but gets lots of sun too. We saw a sprinkling of the abundant foliage and representatives of the diverse fauna. During our hike we saw Mona monkeys, lizards and this crab here.

St. George's

Token Nutmeg Photo

Grenada is also famous for its nutmeg and cocoa production, so of course we had to ogle the nutmeg seeds and cocoa beans as we hiked through Grand Etang National Forest Reserve.

St. George, Grenada

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Lush Island of Grenada

June 10, 2003

Grenada > Caribbean

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Mona Monkey, Grand Etang National Park, Grenada

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