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Lower Manhattan, Financial District, Brooklyn from the Empire State Building

Lower Manhattan, Financial District, BrooklynView All Sizes

Battery Park, Lower Manhattan, New York City

Battery Park, Lower ManhattanView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 4, 2007

Manhattan Island

New York City > New York > United States

Series Manhattan Island

We spent a few days walking around busy Manhattan, a compact and congested island that maintains an air of breezy prosperity. Of course we cruised touristy spots like Times Square and the Empire State Building, and explored from Central Park to Battery Park.

A rare opportunity, we also met with colleagues for lunch at local restaurants.

Madison Square Tower, Manhattan

Madison Square TowerView All Sizes

Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan

Eating at Rockefeller PlazaView All Sizes

Rockefeller Plaza

On one particular day we hooked up with a client of mine that hosts a free mobile games website. I'd been developing their site for nearly a year without ever meeting them, so we had lunch in Rockefeller Square on a sunny afternoon in early May. Since both gents are from India, the next day we enjoyed a delicious meal at Utsav near 6th.

Madison Square Garden, Manhattan

Madison Square Garden, New York CityView All Sizes

On another day we took my dog Windsong with us on our daily venture. Although it complicated our plans, it was difficult to leave her in the hotel room all day. That dog walked through a jam-packed Times Square, across many streets and intersections, and down to the southern tip of the island.

Times Square at Night, Manhattan

Times Square at NightView All Sizes

After a long day of walking we were exhausted and jumped into a cab. But first we had to convince the driver to let the dog in his vehicle. He eventually and grudgingly assented, and to punish us, the rather loud-mouthed fellow ranted relentlessly to his captive audience the long drive back to Jersey.

Central Park West, Manhattan

Central Park WestView All Sizes

Into the Garden

Manhattan Island also hosts the exquisite Central Park. In our various treks across the city we came upon Central Park quite often, sometimes skirting her borders, and other times exploring her amenities, enjoying the break from the city.

Times Square in the Daytime, Manhattan

Times Square in the DaytimeView All Sizes

Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan

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Manhattan Island

May 4, 2007

New York City > New York > United States

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