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A panorama of the eastern half of San Fernando Valley, from Mulholland Drive

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Motorcyclists on an epic curve between Seminole Hot Springs and Kanan Road.

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JOURNAL : March 25, 2011

Motorcycling Mulholland Drive & Highway

Los Angeles > California > United States

Series Motorcycling Mulholland Drive & Highway

Approaching fast, the sharp curve yanked the road off to the right and almost sent me into the oncoming lane. At that speed I had to lay the bike down low to avoid plowing into the trees that edged the narrow strip of asphalt. But this where the fun began. In a few minutes I'd be riding The Snake.

Motorcyclists on The Snake between Seminole Hot Springs and Kanan Road.

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A Motorcyclist's Dream

Just west of The Rock Store and Seminole Hot Springs Mulholland Highway snakes through some thrilling curves, but most of Mulholland Highway and Mulholland Drive are ridgeline curves offering panoramic views of San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, and the beautiful valleys and canyons nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains.

Bikers at a viewpoint above the crazy curve and just before hitting Kanan Road.

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Mulholland Drive and Mulholland Highway?

Mulholland Highway starts in Griffith Park as a dirt road branching off from Mt. Hollywood Drive. After squiggling through the park, the dirt Mulholland Highway ends at Hollywood Reservoir. The only vehicles I've ever seen on that section of the Highway had four legs and ran on oats.

Los Angeles from Mulholland Hwy

Los Angeles from Mulholland HwyView All Sizes

Fryman Canyon and Mulholland Drive just west of the 101/170 freeway

Fryman CanyonView All Sizes

Franklin Canyon, Santa Monica Mountains

Franklin Canyon, Santa Monica MountainsView All Sizes

Equestrians on the dusty stretch of Mulholland Hwy before it hits civilization and becomes paved. Riding horses is a popular activity and horses can be rented at many places along Riverside Drive such as the Los Angeles Equestrian Center.

Equestrians on Mulholland HwyView All Sizes

Mulholland Drive

An unassuming entrance from Cahuenga Blvd overlooking the 170/101 freeway in Cahuenga Pass leads to one of the most famous roads in Los Angeles. Like Sunset, Sepulveda, Santa Monica, San Fernando and other prominent boulevards and thoroughfares in the area, Mulholland is a best-of sightseeing tour of this extensive city. Spectacular views, luxurious estates, amazing bicycling, hiking and motorcycling all along its length. Some stretches are so buried in the wilderness it's easy to forget about the surrounding metropolis.

Most of Mulholland Drive's 13-mile course lies between the 170 and 405. After crossing over the latter, Mulholland becomes a dirt track where it runs into Encino Hills Drive. This 6-mile unpaved section is popular hiking and mountain biking terrain and is closed to motor vehicles. People often bring their kids and dogs. Just before the gate there's a parking lot and a long stretch of dirt road for overflow.

Mulholland and Seminole Hot Springs

Mulholland and Seminole Hot SpringsView All Sizes

Mulholland Highway is a very curvy road and an excellent motorcycle ride.

Curvy Mulholland HighwayView All Sizes

Green country fields on Mulholland Highway near Stokes Canyon and Las Virgenes Road.

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Mulholland Highway

Around Topanga Canyon Blvd (another great ride) Mulholland Drive decides to become paved again before Mulholland Highway branches off and heads west. From Topanga to its terminus at Pacific Coast Highway west of Malibu it's an epic 30-mile drive through amazing country. At each new bend in the road a new vista is revealed, often with only a second to enjoy it before extreme maneuvers are required.

My Honda CBR600RR

Road Conditions

While most of Mulholland is well-maintained, some sections have a tattered surface or a layer of dirt and fallen rocks. For riders it is critical to be hypervigilant around every curve and be aware of road conditions. Numerous accidents make Mulholland one of the most dangerous highways in L.A. for bikers, followed by Angeles Crest Highway. Racers also risk getting tagged for speeding or reckless driving.

Geez, what a downer...

Well, if you've ever put tires on Mulholland Drive or Highway then you know it's an amazing journey and a truly unique experience.

Snowcapped San Gabriel Mountains

Snowcapped San Gabriel MountainsView All Sizes

Triunfo Pass Earth Station

Triunfo Pass Earth StationView All Sizes

The famous Rock Store on Mulholland Highway near Seminole Hot Springs.

The Rock StoreView All Sizes

Universal City and Burbank

Universal City and BurbankView All Sizes

Motorcyclists on an epic curve between Seminole Hot Springs and Kanan Road.

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Motorcycling Mulholland Drive & Highway

March 25, 2011

Los Angeles > California > United States

Tags   Motorcycling · Mountains · Favorites · Driving · Cities

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