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Fountain of Youth, Geneva, Switzerland

Fountain of Youth, GenevaView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 11, 2002

On the Waterfront of Lake Geneva

Geneva > Switzerland

Series On the Waterfront of Lake Geneva

The train from Lyon to Geneva trudged up through the lush green mountains alongside misty rivers and towns tucked away in the hills. Arriving in Geneva we trekked across the street to our hotel to check in. The room was small, expensive and luxurious. The layout was tight and efficient.

Beautiful Park in Geneva, Switzerland

Beautiful Park in Geneva

Afterwards we walked down to the lake and cruised around along the waterfront. The water and air were fresh and clean under a drizzly overcast sky.

Island, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

Island, Lake GenevaView All Sizes

Down from the harbor is a beautiful park headed by a blue sundial perhaps alluding to the renowned Swiss precision and punctuality. The park was populated by a variety of lush green trees and shrubs.

And then there was this crazy crooked tree here, looking much like it was in doing yoga.

La Ciotat, France

La Ciotat, France

On this particular day the city looked rather grim and washed out. No doubt the effect rain would have on any town. As this was just an overnight jaunt, we put it on our task list to visit Switzerland again for a thorough exploration.

After our brief stint in Geneva we took a train down to Marseilles for the next leg of our trip — the Cote d'Azur, where the weather was much sunnier and the water is blue and not green.

A Bridge in Geneva, Switzerland

A Bridge in GenevaView All Sizes

Waterfront, Geneva, Switzerland

Waterfront, GenevaView All Sizes

Fountain of Youth, Geneva, Switzerland

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On the Waterfront of Lake Geneva

May 11, 2002

Geneva > Switzerland

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