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I happened upon Green Valley Lake by accident while seeking out a camping ground in the area. It was a welcome breath of country air from the built-up Lake Arrowhead just to the west.

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JOURNAL : June 15, 2009

Placid Green Valley Lake

California > United States

Series Placid Green Valley Lake

Searching for a campground in the area I stumbled upon this beautiful gem a couple of miles off of the Rim of the World highway (81) and due north of Arrowbear Lake.

Along the twisty mountain road is a great view of Lake Arrowhead and the Mojave Desert beyond.

The eastern shore of Green Valley Lake, with some colorful boats in the foreground.

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This fisherman came by while I relaxed on the shore. We talked about the fishing conditions while he scoped out a big momma bass near the shore.

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Hell Bent for Laid Back

While cruising around Lake Arrowhead I searched in vain for a mellow spot to park near the lake and chill out. A grassy park, back street — anything! But the lake is so built up and beachfront property at such a premium that undeveloped public access spots are virtually unheard of, at least for a casual grazer. Lake Arrowhead Village was the only place I could get close to the water. Actually stepping on the beach was prohibited and the docks were all locked off. So out of town I went the next morning after spending a mellow evening at North Shore Campground.

This fisherman reeled in his line to find he had caught “salad” or seaweed.

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Green Valley Lake

Although headed for Big Bear, I had heard Green Valley Campground was pleasant and decided to check it out for future reference.

To my surprise the lake was exactly what I had been seeking. We stopped under some shady trees just a few feet from the shore. The lake was not crowded at all. Fishermen lounged on the shore, reading or soaking up the beautiful morning. A single boat was being rowed casually, and its occupants lazily cast their lines into the placid water. The overall effect of the place was an idyllic Sunday morning in the country.

A typical camp site in the Green Valley Campground. The grounds were clean and green, and the best amenity is the fishable lake right down the street.

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My dog and I walked around the lake, chatting with people along the way, taking pictures and enjoying the fortuitous opportunity. No hurry. No schedule. No concerns. At the eastern end is a fenced-off playground and beach ideal for families with children. There is no fishing allowed at that end. A dam forms the border at the opposite end.

This Hispanic family caught a fish and the children got excited about the prospect of fish tacos.

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Green Valley Campground

After awhile I continued up the country road to the campground. If I wasn't heading on to Big Bear I would have stayed here due to its clean, green appearance and proximity to the lake. While nothing spectacular, the campground is on the edge of the vast wilderness of the San Bernardino National Forest. The place was virtually empty and only a single car drove in while I was heading out. Green Valley Campground has the same mellow vibe as its namesake lake.

Rim of the World Highway near between Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear Lake.

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Anyway, if you like fishing and happen to be in the area, do check out Green Valley Lake. It's pretty sweet.

Rim of the World Highway

Starting where the 210 freeway meets the 215, the Rim of the World Highway (18) straddles the San Bernardino mountains and connects Lake Arrowhead, Lake Arrowbear, Green Valley Lake and Big Bear Lake before heading north into the Mojave Desert towards Victorville. It's a beautiful drive. With the clouds blanketing San Bernardino Valley and Los Angeles as far as the eye can see it does seem like driving on the rim of the world.

Windsong and I leisurely walked around the whole lake that morning, chatting with fishermen and taking photos.

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Green Valley Lake

Big Bear Lake from Poligue Canyon Road.

Big Bear Lake

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