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Polo Players start up the second half of the game.

The Game Begins!View All Sizes

Devon Dailey and a female player riding down the field during the game.

Devon Dailey and a female playerView All Sizes

JOURNAL : September 9, 2007

Polo Game at Mokuleia

Oahu > Hawaii > United States

Series Polo Game at Mokuleia

Scorekeeper — Wake Up!

As an early teen I had a Sunday job first as a goalie, and then as scorekeeper at the Mokuleia Polo Grounds, right down the beach/road from our homestead.

On one occasion I stood up on the scoreboard and squinted through the flurry of action and stampeding horses down at the goal, trying to discern if the goalie was waving the red flag up or down. The announcer then blared loudly across the field at me “Ah, scorekeeper the score is now..." and I hustled to put up the new number.



Mokuleia Soundtrack

On any given Sunday the usual sounds of Mokuleia might include the trade winds gently rustling coconut trees, the drone of towplanes, parachutes opening up overhead, cane trucks grinding through the fields during harvest, surf breaking on the shore, and the air horn announcing the end of the chukker. Sometimes the announcer's voice is also heard over the loudspeaker. Although the atmosphere might otherwise be quite idyllic, the polo game down the road lends an air of accessible excitement.

Mt. Ka’ala is a beautiful backdrop for a polo game

Mt. Ka’ala is a beautiful backdropView All Sizes

Where It's At

Driving out to Mokuleia and Kaena Point from Hale'iwa and Waialua on Farrington Highway you'll pass the expansive Dillingham Ranch on the left before the polo field opens up on the right and most of the North Shore is visible beyond.

Mokuleia Polo Field

Polo players thundering down the field during the game.

Thundering by...View All Sizes

The field is bordered by a beautiful secluded beach, acres of horse pastures and corrals, Mokuleia Beach Colony, and Crowbar Ranch where many horses are boarded and trained. After the game you can go for a swim or a hike, or stroll down to Dillingham Airfield to jump out of an airplane or go for a glider ride. If the winds are unfavorable you might just touch down on the polo field which is designated as an emergency landing zone.

Mike Dailey Approaching

Mike Dailey Approaching

Mike Dailey

On this particular day I received a special visit from Mike Dailey, president of the Mokuleia Polo Club, to admonish me that my dog should be on a leash. It had been more than 14 years since I had seen him so he didn't recognized me. Up from the beach I had come to shoot the game, barefoot and wearing only shorts and this Nikon D80, and escorted by a German Shepherd without a collar. I doubt I looked respectable enough to grace the sidelines. Luckily the atmosphere of Mokuleia is mellow and relaxed, and Mike Dailey is a nice guy.

Polo players thundering down the field during the game.

I think someone scored...View All Sizes

Polo players thundering down the field during the game.

Polo Players in ActionView All Sizes

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Come On Down

Games are held every Sunday, May through October, starting at 2 p.m. Watch beautiful horses galloping across the field as their riders thwack balls between the goalposts. Families come out to picnic leisurely as the action comes thundering by. Some hold tailgate parties, and others hold their weddings here. Others slip off to the beach for swimming and snorkeling. With panoramic Mt. Ka'ala as the backdrop the scenery is amazing!

Polo Player who scored the winning shot

This guy scored the winning shot

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