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Approaching Valdez from Richardson Highway

Approaching Valdez from Richardson HighwayView All Sizes

Green mountains and glacier near Valdez, Alaska

Our first glimpse of blue sky!View All Sizes

JOURNAL : August 28, 2010

Port Valdez

Valdez > Alaska > United States

Series Port Valdez

Fishing in Valdez

While the town is famous for the catastrophic oil spill of 1989, Valdez is also a popular fishing spot. Each year waves of salmon charge through Port Valdez on their way upstream to spawn.

Fisherman from all over the world converge each summer to scoop up their limit of salmon, halibut, rockfish and lingcod.

Fishing for Silver Salmon in Valdez, Alaska

Fishing for Silver SalmonView All Sizes

The fish are easy to catch due to their sheer number and the readily available knowledge of which lures to use for each type of fish. It's a bonanza!

Tiekel River Lodge & Proprietor

Tiekel River Lodge & Proprietor

No Room at the Inn

My dad and I arrived in late afternoon from Anchorage via Richardson Highway. At the height of the Coho (silver) salmon run not a single room was available at any of Valdez's half-dozen lodgings. We ended up backtracking for an hour to a quaint bed and breakfast called Tiekel River Lodge where we had stopped for gas earlier that day. This turned out to be a positive experience since the lodge is far more scenic than any of the hotels in town.

That Gorgeous Day

Bridal Veil Falls in Keystone Canyon near Thompson Pass.

Bridal Veil Falls

The next day was a beautiful Sunday and the first after more than a week in Alaska that we saw blue sky and direct sunlight. On the return to Valdez we passed Worthington Glacier, Horse Tail Falls and Bridal Veil Falls (not the one in Yosemite) in Keystone Canyon near Thompson Pass, and a whole lotta magnificent scenery that Alaska is famous for.

Worthington Glacier a few miles outside of Valdez on Richardson Highway.

Worthington GlacierView All Sizes

Port Valdez

The town was bright and cheerful with an air of prosperity. People were out on walks, surrounded by vivid panoramic mountains and glistening water.

Where the Action Is

The harbor was bustling with activity. Piers and waterways were busy with fisherman reeling in silvers hand over fist. Charter boats unloaded sportfishermen and their freshly caught prizes onto the docks. Near the harbor master's building a skilled pro would expertly filet a fish within seconds for only a buck!

Bound for Kenai

Since we were passing through and reserving our fishing adventures for the Kenai Peninsula, we secured passage for early the next morning aboard the ferry Aurora. This excursion would take us through Prince William Sound to Whittier and the Kenai Peninsula.

Salmon spawning grounds near Valdez, Alaska

Salmon Spawning GroundsView All Sizes

The Valdez Oil Terminal, across Port Valdez from town.

Valdez Oil TerminalView All Sizes

My dad, sister, Alyssa and Grandma Pat driving to the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Procession

Kachemak Bay and Mountains

Kachemak Bay

Semi-Trailer Truck on Richardson Highway

Semi-Trailer Truck

Kayaking on Castle Lake

Kayaking Castle Lake

Jiuzhaigou Valley Panda Lake Tree Island

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley Five Color Lake Tree

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Venice from the Campanile over St. Marks Square


Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley

Mirror Architecture near the National Mall, Washington D.C.

Mirrors in DC

Random Adventures!

The palapa of the vacation rental we stayed at in Sayulita.

Vacation Rental

A Street in Athens, Greece

Street in Athens

Paleokastritsa, Corfu,


Up through the pyramids above the visitor’s center


Detail from Inside the Coliseum Rome, Italy

Coliseum of Rome