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Shed at the top of the slope at Canaan Valley Resort, West Virginia

Shed at the top of the slopeView All Sizes

JOURNAL : March 18, 2007

Skiing Canaan Valley

West Virginia > United States

Series Skiing Canaan Valley

Canaan Valley Ski Resort is about an hour west of Elkins. Four of us went skiing in the middle of March.

At the time the countryside of West Virginia was in the middle of a late frost that had killed off the first green of spring. It would take awhile to begin again, so we took advantage of a few days of steady powder to ski again before winter hastened off for good.

Our group, skiing at Canaan Valley, West Virginia

From right, Andy, Megan, Anita and me

Snowboarding at Canaan Valley Resort, West Virginia

What a Poser!

The Hardest Thing...

We got fitted up for skis and snowboards and trekked out to the slopes. Since this was my first time on a board I signed up for a basics class that gave me some good principles to work with. It was similar to surfing when maneuvering the board, but instead of falling into warm, tropical water it was usually cold, packed snow. Needless to say, I fell on my butt quite a few times.

Skier, overlooking Canaan Valley Resort, West Virginia

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Skiing Canaan Valley

March 18, 2007

West Virginia > United States

Tags   Skiing · Valleys · Mountains

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Skier, overlooking Canaan Valley Resort, West Virginia

Overlooking Canaan ValleyView All Sizes

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