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Noah, Fire performer at SpinJam, begins his show, Honolulu, Hawaii

Noah’s PerformanceView All Sizes

JOURNAL : June 14, 2007

SpinJam! Fire Show in Honolulu

Honolulu > Hawaii > United States

Series SpinJam! Fire Show in Honolulu

Fire performers gather at the amphitheater.

SpinJam is every Tuesday night at Kaka'ako Waterfront Park. Noah helps organize this get-together and gives one of the best performances.

Fire performer at SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

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This is a local group of artisans practicing, not some cheezy tourist show. So don't expect Don Ho singing “Tiny Bubbles" and a luau afterwards. The best part of SpimJam! is that it's unscripted.

Fire breather at SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

Fire Breather

Eazy Kine Find

If you're ever in the area on a Tuesday night, they start up by about 8p and go until the park closes at 10p. Dancers take turns or perform in groups. Some use flaming poi or belch flames into the Hawaiian night sky. Bring food and drink :)

Fire performer at SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Kaka'ako Waterfront Park

From Ala Moana Blvd take Cooke Street towards the ocean until you drive into the parking lot. Parking is free, and public restrooms are across the grass next to the ocean.

Lens shift, 2-second exposure, time-lapse imaging, SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

Slow lens shift during 2-second exposureView All Sizes

The park was once an ugly landfill, but now it's rolling hills of green grass, shaded pavilions adjacent to the rocky shore, and even a cool amphitheater. There is no beach, but lots of fun lava boulders, and steps down to the water where crabs scuttle about. Ships of all sorts sail by, some lit up at night like casinos embarked on sunset cruises. A marina adjacent to the park is often the source of these vessels. Day or night you can soak in the fantastic views of Honolulu, Waikiki, Diamond Head and the blue ocean. Kaka'ako Park itself is just a great experience.

Lens shift, zoom, 1-second exposure, time-lapse imaging, SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

Lens shift and zoom during 1-second exposureView All Sizes

SpinJammers, Jammin'

So to hold SpinJam! at the park is just way cool. The action takes place in the amphitheater, with folks sitting around on the grass and performers on stage or the surrounding concrete area.

Yes, nimble pyromaniacs brandishing flaming weapons might be a daunting spectacle, but I tell you they follow strict safety procedures. Fire extinguishers are conspicuously placed in prime locations and everyone is very careful.

It's a great show to watch, coz the fire dancers are just there to have fun. And it's free too.

Kakaako Waterfront Park

Fire performer using fireballs on chains (poi)  at SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

girl using fireballs on chainsView All Sizes

Time-Lapse, Lens Zoom and Shift

These time-lapse photos often capture a second or two of motion. I also experimented with zooming in or out or moving the lens around while the shutter was open to create more distinctive light trails.

Noah, Fire performer at SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

Noah still rippin’View All Sizes

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Four fire performers at SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

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Zoom effect with time-lapse imaging, SpinJam, Honolulu, Hawaii

Zoom effect with time-lapseView All Sizes

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