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Stained Glass at Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France

Sainte Chapelle, ParisView All Sizes

JOURNAL : June 27, 2002

Stained Glass Treasures

Various Churches

Inside Bath Abbey, Bath, UK

Bath Abbey

Churches help protect some of the most delicate treasures and works of art. In our adventures we sometimes drop out of the cold and into a famous local church. The churches on this page are notable for their stained glass artwork (among other things). The stained glass is always of excellent workmanship. Hundreds of dramatic Christian scenes are frozen in glass to teach illiterate masses of centuries past. Every detail and subtle shading is lovingly rendered. No doubt in Medieval times the church could afford the finest artisans. During World War II every bit of stained glass artwork was removed and packed up for safety.

Stained Glass at Sainte Chapelle, Paris, France

Stained Glass of Sainte Chapelle, ParisView All Sizes

Stained Glass in Bath Abbey, Bath, UK

Bath Abbey

Four Churches

Four unique churches are represented here. Notre Dame Cathedral in Beaune, France, is different from the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France. Also in Paris is the stunning Sainte Chapelle, and up north in the United Kingdom is Bath Abbey. So, three French churches and one English church. Between them all, a fine array of styles and subjects were represented.

Stained Glass at Notre Dame, Paris

Notre Dame, Paris

These photos cannot begin to capture the optical impact of seeing these vibrant treasures. Not only are they very large, but in a darkened church they shine especially bright. Unfortunately, atmospheric conditions were cloudy in some cases and only a grey light filters through the stained glass. I can only imagine what they must look like with full sunshine streaming through! Regardless of the quality of the background light the overall effect (awe) remains consistent.

Stained Glass at Notre Dame, Paris, France

Stained Glass in Notre Dame CathedralView All Sizes

More Detail

Since this eye candy is particularly intricate, I suggest clicking on an image and on the subsequent page, choosing a higher resolution. It's better if you can see the artwork spread across your screen.

Stained Glass in Bath Abbey, Bath, UK

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Stained Glass Treasures

June 27, 2002

Various Churches

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