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Fishing boats, fishermen, dock, pilings, pelicans, ocean, inlet, Florida Keys

Fishing boats on one of the keysView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 9, 2007

The Florida Keys

Florida > United States

Series The Florida Keys

While visiting a good client out in Ft. Lauderdale in Florida, we had a chance to bop down to the Keys one day. I'd been to Florida on previous trips but for some reason we never quite got down that far.

On the way down to Key West we stopped and checked out various local places. On one island a group of fisherman were bringing in freshly caught Mahi Mahi about 20 to 30 pounds each.

Lobster Sculpture, Florida Keys

Lobster Sculpture, Florida KeysView All Sizes

Highway 1

Highway 1 hops from cay to cay in long spans as it nears its southern terminus. But don't hurry to get there! Densely occupied Key West itself is kinda boring compared to all the hidden treasures along the way — a remote beach, or some tropical destination burrowed in some sandy nook. Between shrubby islands are wide panoramic Caribbean views.

That Giant Lobster

On the way back I had to take a photo of this giant lobster sculpture. Originally some tourist trap commissioned the sculpture but they went out of business and now it sits in front of a Montessori School.

Florida Keys

Lobster Sculpture, Florida Keys

About this day

The Florida Keys

May 9, 2007

Florida > United States

Tags   Walkabout · Islands · Ocean · Beaches

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East Coast Beach Vibe

The same Eastern beach community feel that hugs the coast all the way up to Cape Cod was present in the Keys, except that it was mixed with the more festive Caribbean climate and water.

Cattle Egret, Florida Keys

Cattle Egret

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