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A Hallway of the Louvre, Paris, France

Halls of the LouvreView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 9, 2002

The Louvre Museum

Paris > France

Series The Louvre Museum

Utterly impossible to describe le Musée du Louvre in just a paragraph or two, but I'll try: The Louvre Museum is a maze of rooms housing a vast collection of artwork, sculpture and other artifacts. We spent a day there but one could spend a lifetime in quiet observation.

The Louvre Palace itself is a fine work of art, even if stripped of all its treasured possessions.

Up through the pyramids above the visitor’s center

Above the Visitor’s CenterView All Sizes

One of the Large Rooms in the Louvre, Paris

Spacious Rooms

Building Facades of the Louvre, Paris, France


No Mona Lisa?

Sure, I snapped a pic of the Mona Lisa, but the painting on display is probably a replica, and my photo wasn't particularly remarkable. Besides, this website is not intended to reproduce works of art but to describe a day of exploration.

Liz and Kanoa in the Louvre


Ancient Artifacts

We ambled about most of the day, even descending to some of the deepest rooms where the foundation of the old fortress castle built by Philippe II in 1190 have been excavated.

This particular page attempts to capture the spacial composition of the halls of the Louvre Museum as well as particularly poignant objects d'art with historical significance.

8th century Assyrian human-headed winged bull in the Louvre, Paris

Assyrian Winged Bull

Stairways of the Louvre

Flights of Stairs, Musée du LouvreView All Sizes

Code of Hammurabi, Louvre, Paris, France

Code of HammurabiView All Sizes

Mesopotamian Sculptures

In other rooms we found several sphinxes and various Babylonian artifacts like the Code of Hammurabi and these classic Mesopotamian sculptures above. For anyone interested in the history of human art, the The Louvre Museum is a exquisite panoramic experience.

Modern and traditional architectural contrasts at the Sully Pavillion, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

Sully PavillionView All Sizes

Sully Pavilion

Before and after arriving the the Louvre Museum we wandered in Sully Pavilion, admiring the distinct contrast between the mixed antique architectural influences on the Palace, and the clean geometric simplicity of I.M. Pei's pyramid which dominates the Napoleon Courtyard.

A Sphinx in one of the underground vaults of the Louvre, Paris, France

Sphinx, LouvreView All Sizes

The palapa of the vacation rental we stayed at in Sayulita.

Vacation Rental

Venice from the Campanile over St. Marks Square


Worthington Glacier a few miles outside of Valdez on Richardson Highway.

Worthington Glacier

Hanalei River in Hanalei Valley, Kauai, Hawaii

Hanalei Valley

A huge tank with a kelp forest and many beautiful fish.

Monterey Bay Aquarium

The Carretera in Sonora

Carretera in Sonora

Packing Up Balloon Envelope

Hot Air balloon

Whale Watching Boat

Whale Watching Boat

The Tiber River, Rome, Italy

The Tiber

Random Adventures!

Lower Manhattan, Financial District, Brooklyn from the Empire State Building

Lower Manhattan

Hanalei Bay and town, on the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii. On the upper right is Princeville Golf and Country Club.

Hanalei Bay

Looking southeast along the coast towards Monterey Bay from the shops near Cannery Row.

Monterey Bay Coast

The Grassy Yulong River

Yulong River

Jiuzhaigou Valley Shuzheng Village and Lakes

Jiuzhaigou Valley