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Panoramic photograph, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon PanoramaView All Sizes

Tourists on the Rim of the Grand Canyon

On the RimView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 15, 2007

The Rim of the Grand Canyon

Arizona > United States

Series The Rim of the Grand Canyon
Canyons, Buttes, Red Rock of Sedona, Arizona : via Helicopter

North Sedona

We sailed on up to Grand Canyon the day after helicoptering over Sedona and visiting Meteor Crater, since they are all in the same area. The majestic Grand Canyon is always an awesome sight to behold and we were prepared this time.

No Film?!

Squirrel on the Rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona

Squirrel on the rim of Grand CanyonView All Sizes

Last time we came up here we took a bunch of photos and had returned to Sedona only to discover there was no film in the camera. This time around I had a much better camera (Nikon D80) instead of some instamatic so I skulked around for pictures of local wildlife.

Growing up in Hawaii we don't have things like chipmunks and squirrels in the backyard. We have wild chickens, loud-mouthed mynah birds, and mongooses crossing the road. So even though I've lived on the mainland for umpteen years, squirrels are still worthy of a photo.

Western Swift with a blue belly, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Western Swift, or Blue BellyView All Sizes

Token Lizard Photo

And of course I couldn't forget to capture a local lizard for a close up. True to their names, Western Swift lizards are very fast but I got this guy pretty easily without hurting him. Most lizards enter a tranquil, hypnotic state if you flip them on their backs and rub their stomach gently. They're probably playing dead. I wanted a picture of his bright blue belly, so it worked out well.

Western Swift with a blue belly, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Blue Belly, Hypnotized

After his photo shoot I rolled him over and he stood statuesque for a moment assessing the situation. Then the dog sniffed and the swift vanished. bing!

Grand Canyon National Park

Ancient Carved Canyons of the Grand Canyon

Ancient Carved CanyonsView All Sizes

Further Adventures

Walking along the rim is fine. The view is pretty amazing. It might be more fun to go hang-gliding across the Grand Canyon, or whitewater rafting the Colorado River, or hiking into the wilderness. Next time!

Kanoa and Windsong on the Rim of the Grand Canyon

Kanoa & Windsong

If just going for a walk with the dog, then the Rim of the Grand Canyon will do.

Trees on the Rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona

About this day

The Rim of the Grand Canyon

May 15, 2007

Arizona > United States

Tags   Walkabout · Valleys · Deserts · Parks

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Trees on the Rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona

Trees on the RimView All Sizes

Tourists on the Rim

Tourists on the RimView All Sizes

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