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Temple Bar, Fleet Street, traditional gateway to the city of London

Temple Bar MemorialView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 3, 2002

The Strand and Fleet Street

London > United Kingdom

Series The Strand and Fleet Street
Royal Courts of Justice, London

Royal Courts

We wandered around London and eventually came upon The Strand and Fleet Street. Along the way we passed Samuel Johnson's house and Australia House, and came upon the famed Temple Bar which is right down the street from the Royal Courts of Justice.

The Tale of Temple Bar

The pillar with the heraldic dragon is actually Temple Bar Memorial, which memorializes the original Temple Bar archway that once stood on that spot and marked the boundary between Fleet Street and The Strand. The original gate was probably constructed around 1293. Sir Christoper Wren's version, finished by 1672, had gotten into disrepair and it was moved, brick by brick, to Theobalds Park, an estate in Hertfordshire, in 1880.

Historically, Temple Bar was one of the gateways to the city before which the King or Queen had to request permission to enter from the Lord Mayor. Wren's original design has since been newly reconstructed as the entrance to Paternoster Square near St. Paul's Cathedral.

Statue of Queen Elizabeth, St. Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street, London

Statue of Queen ElizabethView All Sizes

Statue of Queen Elizabeth, St. Dunstan-in-the-West, Fleet Street, London

St. Dunstan-in-the-West

This statue of Queen Elizabeth sits back in an alley over an arched doorway that leads into St. Dunstan-in-the-West, a famous church on Fleet Street. An inscription below tells of how the statue was brought to this location when Ludgate, its original home, was taken down in 1760. St. Dunstan is also home to many other ancient statues.

Bracken House

Somewhere along the way we came upon Bracken House, which I don't think is on Fleet Street. I nabbed a shot because of the curious and intricate astrological dial on its facade. The twelve signs of the Zodiac revolve around the cherubic face of Winston Churchill, a close personal friend of Bernard Bracken, chairman of the Financial Times for many years. It's a very remarkable architectural feature for any building.

Bracken House Facade with Astrological Dial

Bracken House FacadeView All Sizes

Temple Bar, Fleet Street, traditional gateway to the city of London

About this day

The Strand and Fleet Street

May 3, 2002

London > United Kingdom

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