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Liz on the Tower Bridge, London UK

Liz on the Tower Bridge

JOURNAL : May 3, 2002

Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

London > United Kingdom

Series Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

In the shadow of the Tower Bridge lurk delicatessens and other yummy shops, so we poked around in there for awhile to sate that midday belly gurgle, completing the circuit with Starbucks coffee before heading onto the bridge. And here we are.

The Tower of London in Perspective, London, UK

One Side of the Tower of LondonView All Sizes

The Tower of London in Perspective, London, UK

In Front of the Tower of LondonView All Sizes

The Tower of London is a squat, solid-looking fortress that seems sturdy enough to weather a thousand years and as many ancient onslaughts. It would be utterly decimated in a modern military strike and now stands a magnificent museum to the strength and frailty of internecine ties, and the Social Contract.

The Tower of London Front View, London, UK

The Tower of LondonView All Sizes

Tower Bridge, London

Tower Bridge, LondonView All Sizes

Statue of Caesar Augustus near the Tower of London

Augustus CaesarView All Sizes

Caesar and the Beefeater

A walkway ran around the back and we meandered thataway. On this path we passed this statue of Caesar Augustus in his classic pose. Further down we were turned around and shooed away by a Beefeater and this military dude in camouflage fatigues. It must've been pub o'clock.

The Tower of London

Tower Bridge, London

London's Tower BridgeView All Sizes

Tower Bridge, London

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Tower Bridge and the Tower of London

May 3, 2002

London > United Kingdom

Tags   Walkabout · Rivers · Architecture

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