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The Stratosphere tower, Las Vegas, Nevada

The StratosphereView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 17, 2007

Up in the Stratosphere

Las Vegas > Nevada > United States

Series Up in the Stratosphere

The Stratosphere sits at one end of the Strip, and hosts a panoramic view of the city as well as three awesome thrill rides at the very top. We checked out the saucer-shaped observation deck and rode the Insanity about 1,000 feet above the ground. The tower is also equipped with the token Starbucks and a nice restaurant. We had a few drinks when we got down to ground level and lounged around while some of our party were out gambling on the busy floor.

Inside the Saucer of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

Inside the SaucerView All Sizes

Insanity, ride, the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

Insanity the Ride, above Las VegasView All Sizes

Complete Insanity

Okay, so the rides are the Insanity, The Big Shot and XScream. The first one twirls around while suspending you above the city. When the ride gets going you're tilted downward so that you're facing the ground. The Big Shot is a freefall ride on the spire above the observation deck. It's the highest point in the city. The XScream juts out over the edge of the building. They're all pretty cool when considering the elevation and the view.

Inside the Saucer of the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

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Up in the Stratosphere

May 17, 2007

Las Vegas > Nevada > United States

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Las Vegas at Night

The saucer of the Stratosphere is a great place to see the land during the day, while the Eiffel Tower is the spot to see Las Vegas at night.

Rooftop Pool from the Stratosphere, Las Vegas, Nevada

Rooftop PoolView All Sizes

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