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Panorama of the Islands of Venice from the Campanile over St. Marks Square

Panorama of the Islands of VeniceView All Sizes

Grand Canal, looking toward Santa Maria della Salute, Venice, Italy

Grand CanalView All Sizes

JOURNAL : May 21, 2002

Walking Around Venice

Venice > Italy

Series Walking Around Venice
Hotel Galleria, Venice

Street in Venice

The Venetian Landscape

Truly a unique city. Laced with an intricate canal system and rich in historical tapestry as a trading and military superpower, Venice is also a great walking city with lots of bridges and alley ways, and surprises around every corner. Glass and art shops are common, as are public squares, sidewalk cafes and great restaurants. Boats moored in canals added a picturesque touch. Vaporettos (the water bus) and water taxis are a scenic way to see the Grand Canal and get across town quickly, but if you have time to enjoy the city, then walk!

At some point on any island the water will block the way. In Venice some sort of floating vessel is usually waiting there to slowly whisk you away to new adventures on this ancient land.

A Gondola under a Bridge in Venice

Gondola under the Rialto BridgeView All Sizes

The Facade of St. Marks Cathedral, Venice, Italy

St. Marks, Venice

Antique Fusion

Particularly striking about modern Venice is the antique fusion of Oriental and Occidental. Common examples include the stylized lines and decorations of the gondolas, architectural elements like peaked window frames and the distinctive minarets on Saint Mark's Cathedral.

A Gondola under a Bridge in Venice

About this day

Walking Around Venice

May 21, 2002

Venice > Italy

Tags   Walkabout · Cities · Ocean

Venice Series | All Italy Locations

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