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Panoramic photograph of Santa Monica from the pier to Ocean Park

Pacific Park and Ocean Park PanoramaView All Sizes

Jennifer on the Santa Monica Pier

Jennifer on the Pier

Santa Monica Beach looking towards Malibu

Santa Monica Beach looking towards MalibuView All Sizes

JOURNAL : January 18, 2009

Walking the Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles > California > United States

Series Walking the Santa Monica Pier

Roller Girl

Jennifer loves roller skating the Boardwalk from the Santa Monica Pier to Venice Beach. Sometimes I walk and she skates or we ride our bicycles. Sometimes we go on the roller coaster or up on the ferris wheel. Sometimes we're happy just watching the eccentric personalities and enjoying the noisy spectacle, or poking into colorful shops and eating local grinds.

Jennifer skating on the Boardwalk

Skating on the Boardwalk

Pacific Park

Colorful Buildings of Pacific Park

Most of the time we're having too much fun or we forget to bring the camera. This daily venture event wouldn't be recorded here if she hadn't reminded me.

Windsong, dog, pier

Windsong on the Pier

Belong to the Throng

This was a Sunday, so the pier, beach and boardwalk were packed with humanity of all types swarming around on foot or wheel, exercising and recreating. We quickly became part of this vibrant chaos, venturing forth with our dog marching resiliently nearby, much like our trek through the crowds of Manhattan.

Ocean Park from the Ferris Wheel

Ocean Park from the Ferris Wheel

Pelican flying low over the water near the Santa Monica pier

Pelican flying low over the water

Ferris Wheel Vista

On another occasion we rotated upwards in the ferris wheel, enjoying the sun, the intimate gondola, and its elevated viewpoint.

Santa Monica Pier

Pacific Park Ferris Wheel & Roller Coaster

Pacific Park Ferris Wheel & Roller CoasterView All Sizes

Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park Ferris Wheel & Roller Coaster

Santa Monica Pier & Pacific ParkView All Sizes

Port Wells and College Fiord, with Barry Arm and Barry Glacier visible.

Port Wells

Grassy Lawn near Peak and Pavilion, Victoria Peak Garden

Victoria Peak Garden

Jiuzhaigou Valley Five Color Lake at Inlet Bridge

Jiuzhaigou Valley

A ridge in Kalalau Valley, Kauai

Kalalau Valley

Mansions near Galleria

Mansions near Galleria

Iris in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Iris, Cape Cod

At the end of a day of motorcycling the curvy Gilman Road from Ellery Creek Campground over to Shasta Dam and back. The best part is that for many many miles I saw not even a single vehicle in either direction. I had the countryside to myself!

Ellery Creek Campground

Haiku Valley and H3 Freeway, as seen from the Haiku Stairs.

Haiku Valley

A Japanese lantern in Butchart Gardens

Japanese Garden

Random Adventures!

Lake near Mercure, France

Lake near Mercure

Walkers & Bikers on Mt. Hollywood Drive

Walking & Biking

An Eagle Sentry in Auke Bay Harbor

Eagle, Auke Bay Harbor

Ferry about to load vehicles in Seattle.

Ferry in Seattle